​The Service Members Civil Relief Act Revisited

The Service Members Civil Relief Act (SCRA) was designed to protect military families from added financial stress while a military member is deployed in harm’s way. The Act caps interest rates for loans for active duty military members at a 6% annual rate and shields the member from foreclosure. The law applies to any debt incurred by a service member, including credit cards, car loans and other consumer credit. more »

The Perils of Driving While Intoxicated

Imagine this scenario: you are a tenured school administrator, participating in an end of year  golf outing with a group of your colleagues. The event is an annual affair, but not necessarily sponsored by your school district. You play your round of golf, have a drink or two over the 5 hour round, and have one more round with appetizers before you say good bye. You are leaving earlier than most, because you have to pick up your ten year old who is playing baseball. You retrieve your child are about 2 miles from your home.  As you are about to exit the highway, you notice several police officers who have set up a road block. more »

Uniformed Services Re-employment Rights Act

The focus of this article will review the various legal rights afforded a military member and his employment rights upon returning from a military deployment or activation. more »

​Former Spouses Protection Act

In the late 1970′s and early 1980′s, various state divorce courts began to treat military retired pay as “community property,” often awarding a portion of a military member’s retired pay to the former spouse. One such case from California finally wound its way through the Federal Courts to the Supreme Court. The case of McCarty v. McCaro, 453 US 210 (1981) held that Federal law did not allow retired pay to be treated as joint property. In its decision, the Supreme Court was very clear that the division of military retired pay was not necessarily unconstitutional, but that current Federal laws (at that time) prohibited treating military retired pay as joint property. more »

The Veterans Benefit Act

Congress recently enacted a comprehensive bill that is expected to assist veterans across the country. The bill, Veterans’ Benefits Act of 2010 (HR 3219) improves many veterans’ benefits including allowances for disabled veterans and various veterans’ insurance options. Employment protections are toughened for veterans returning to civilian jobs. more »


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