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  • Non-Judicial Punishment/Article 15 actions

  • General/Special Court-martials

  • Administrative Separation Boards

  • Security Clearance Revocations

  • VA Claims

  • Discharge Upgrades

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Mr. Lamendola is a retired full colonel who served his country for thirty plus years. In February 1984, he was commissioned as an officer (Assistant Staff Judge Advocate) in the United States Air Force, assigned to Seymour Johnson AFB, Goldsboro, NC. In his role first as an assistant Judge Advocate and then as an Area Defense Counsel, he prosecuted and defended sixty military members in court-martial and administrative separation proceedings. At the conclusion of his four year commission, Colonel Lamendola transferred to the New York Air National Guard and was assigned to the 174th Fighter Wing at Hancock Field. He was the Staff Judge Advocate at Hancock Field from October 1998 until he was transferred to HQ NYANG in October 2008. He was the Staff Judge Advocate of HQ NYANG until his retirement in March 2014. The military law matters his office handles are as follows:

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